I’ve had a long and varied career that started in illustration. Soon after leaving school I moved to Washington D.C. and shopped my work around to the many publications based there. The Washington Post was one of my main clients, it was fun being a regular there. Not long after that I followed a whim to move to San Francisco where I had to retool my technique to meet a different market. I was called on to do a lot of design and packaging work for the big hitters in town and gained clients across the country.

The digital age brought big changes to the business, the times were-a-changin’ and it was time to learn something else. I set illustration aside and became immersed in everything internet related. After several years of trying to keep up with changes in technology I’ve become well versed as a web designer and graphic designer.

The digital age has made it easy to explore photography as another creative discipline, so I did. I love capturing the vibrance of the city I live in as well as the mountain landscapes I love to visit.

Now I’m revisiting my illustration with a fresh eye and an appreciation for the handmade image. It feels as familiar as an old friend.